zurück/back The Japanese toilet is also worth mentioning.

The great thing about the Japanese toilet is: it is basically always clean, also in restaurants and in public places. At home and in some places you enter it also with own house shoes intended for this room.

Basically there are several versions:
  • the traditional Japanese standing toilet, with a porcelain bowl in the floor
  • the western style toilet and
  • the modern washlets
Who - like me - wants sitting on a toilet, is avoiding the first variant and is looking then for a door with the inscription "Western Style" or a "Disabled toilet".

But what is a washlet?

This is a high-tech unit with heatable lid, various rinsing programs and various other programs like massage ... and an instrument panel for the control and programming of the functions.

You open the door: the light goes on automatically, the heatable lid closes, in the background, the cistern fills up and after some time the rinse is released. But I have to rinse again. Damn, what am I doing now? Which of the many keys do I have to press? If I catch a wrong button, I might solve some water games or a fire alarm or whatever. Read the short instructions - yes, but that is in Japanese. Maybe move me? I'm dancing now, but that does not help either. Minutes pass away. In the meantime, they are probably standing in front of the door. Now anyway ... this button seems possible ... I press and see there ... I was lucky, it was the right button - the water is flowing!