zurück/back „What are the most interesting sights?“ – I was asked when putting together the photos for the exhibition.

So particularly impressive is of course the Fuji - Japan's highest mountain. With a height of 3776 meters, it is almost as high as the Grossglockner. This is an extinct volcano - the last eruption was in the year 1707. Whether you see the mountain from the plane or you approache as a hiker, it is a special experience.

If you want to get to know the Japanese culture, art and traditions, so you should visit Kyoto and Nara, the two former capitals of the country. Here you can see beautiful wooden buildings, traditional pubs and shops and fascinating temples with atmospheric parks and gardens. These attractions impress with their architecture. Personally, I appreciate the temple complex of Hōryū-ji near Nara. This over 1300 year old temple complex is situated near the forest and on an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage path. You can get away there from the hectic of the big cities and enjoy the meditative nature.

To the castle fan I recommend the visit of the large white castle in Himeji, the "White Heron Castle" and the black castle of Matsumoto, the "Crow Castle".

A bit depressing is a visit to Hiroshima. It is nowadays a new city rebuilt after the World War, whose Peace Museum provides an overview of the unimaginable suffering of the people after the dropping of the first atomic bomb on August 6th, 1945. When the sun slowly goes down behind the ruins of the former Chamber of Commerce and Industry, you remain stunned with your thoughts.

I feel particularly comfortable in Yokohama. It is a modern metropolis in the area of Greater Tokyo with the flair of a cosmopolitan harbor city - a Japanese city with western influences and a large Chinatown. The view from the hill over the city and out to the sea always remains a beautiful memory.

If you want to go up high, you should also visit the Landmark Tower (296 m) in Yokohama or go to Osaka to the Abeno Harukas (300 m), which has replaced the Landmark Tower in 2014 as the tallest building in Japan.