Meetings with the earth Meetings with the water Meetings with the fire Meetings with the air Meetings with Europe Meetings with Japan Meetings with Pannonia Meetings with the mountains Meetings with the darkness Meetings with places of silence Meetings with the goodbye Meetings with a wink

Dawn, islands, mountains … another world
And an aeroplain which appears to alight on water
Streets in several levels seem to pass like veins through a huge Moloch
People, hustle and bustle … however, anyhow it works.
People sleep in the train standing or sitting
Long dark hair like a curtain to see nothing
You are the one who came from far away, that’s clear
In spite of it people are polite and friendly that’s true
Schoolchildren wave to you and look fascinated
And if there is a brave one – he tries a question in English
Europe is far away, Austria is hardly known
But everybody knows Salzburg and Mozart
Lanterns made of stone, gardens, high-tech at every turn
Comic strips and deers will follow you
Endless cities, woody mountains, paddy fields and the sea
They all seem to flee – the Shinkansen pushes them
My aeroplain is waiting, I have to leave again
Sayonara – Fujisan - Goodbye

Yokohama – Hotel Intercontinental
October 2005